Is Catherine Ralston a clairvoyant, a psychic medium, an intuitive, a light worker, a remote viewer or a holistic healer? The answer is that Catherine is all of those things. Whether you have been looking for a medical intuitive online to help you identify sources of a disease and release energy blockages, or you have questions about how to improve your life or communicate with a passed loved one, Catherine's remarkable psychic readings can help You will be amazed at the depth and breadth of Catherine's feedback. She is, as many of Catherine’s customers testify, "the real deal." Drawing on her natural-born intuitive skills and her extensive training in alternative health, Catherine uses clairvoyance (she receives visual impressions), clairaudience (she hears things not audible within normal hearing ranges to receive spirit messages), and clairsentience (she senses energy fields including a person's or spirit's aura and vibrations) to access information that may startle you with its detail and accuracy.

You/ll find answers to some common questions about psychic clairvoyants and mediumship on the FAQs pages. If you have specific questions about your life, your health, your career path, or your loved ones – past or present – let Catherine and her spirit guides reveal the answers. With insight into your personal and professional life, you will have a better perspective and stronger resolve to work through challenging life transitions.

Contact Catherine to schedule a reading by phone, email or in-person at her Taos, New Mexico office.